Sweets for my Sweet



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4 responses to “Sweets for my Sweet

  1. delicious! what are these? do you put them on a bracelet or necklace?

  2. Yes of course. These are tiny little charms made of fimo (polymer clay). I love working with it.

  3. Hi Rita!
    I just talked to someone on the train tonight and he told me about http://wienett.com/ – thought it might be interesting for you, too.
    Thanks again for the lovely present and for coming all the way to
    xoxo, Layana

    • Hi Layana,

      at the moment I’m very busy. I have to tell you so many cool things. Next weekend I’m on the “Ostermarkt der Brucker Hobbykünstler”.

      Dankeschön für den Link, freut mich, dass du dich gefreut hast 🙂 Alles weitere erzähle ich dir via E-Mail, weil ich es nicht öffentlich machen möchte, falls es doch nichts wird.

      Viele liebe Grüße Rita

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